Most children find it tedious to memorize multiplication tables . It is an exercise that consumes many cognitive resources and that, in the long term, is not very effective since children tend to forget multiplications easily. Fortunately, there are many other resources for little ones to learn to multiply in a much simpler and fun way. Here are some original and entertaining activities for children to practice multiplication at home.

Waldorf wheel to multiply

Inspired by the Waldorf methodology , it is a kind of board with 10 or 11 pegs depending on the model, which represent the numbers from 0 to 9 or from 0 to 10. The idea consists of interlacing the results of each multiplication table with a rope or threadwhich attaches to the 0 peg. When finished, each multiplication table forms its own shape, a way for children to become familiar with the geometry and learn the tables more easily. It is worth noting that some models come with the templates of each multiplication table that children must complete while in other cases, it will be the little ones who must discover it for themselves. If you prefer, you can also make your own wheel at home using a sturdy wooden base and colored pegs.

Multiplication with dice

A great and fun activity for children to practice multiplication is playing dice. It is a version of the classic dice game, but this time instead of competing to see who gets the best combination, the idea is for each player to multiply the numbers they get.To add a dose of complexity and appeal to the game, you can keep track of each player’s score, taking into account the result of the multiplication. In this way, whoever first reaches 100 points wins. Another version consists of establishing “winning” numbers, such as multiples of 5, so that the player who first gets a multiple of 5 wins the game by multiplying the numbers on his dice.

Multiplication with cartoons

Most children love cartoons, so they can also become a good resource for them to learn to multiply in a simple and entertaining way. On the Internet you can find many children’s drawings where they teach children the multiplication tables, in which they explain to the little ones at home what multiplication is and they recite to them the multiplication tables to the beat of the music. And for the little ones who prefer to learn to multiply from the hand of their favorite cartoon characters, there are the videos where they can learn the tables from the hand of Peppa Pig and Spongebob .